RDFa tab

OXID eShop provides well-prepared information for search engines, portals and other systems. It can be displayed as so-called rich snippets - detailed information on a search result. The data is prepared based on the Resource Description Framework (RDFa) and the GoodRelations description language optimised for e-commerce.

The RDFa tab establishes a logical link between the shipping method and the shipping values predefined in GoodRelations.

Shipping methods - RDFa tab


Activate the function under Master Settings ‣ Core Settings ‣ RDFa to allow the shop to use RDFa integration.

Assigning shipping methods
Hint: Please choose only those shipping methods, predefined in GoodRelations, that comply with your shipping method.

Check the box next to all items that exactly describe the shipping method.

General delivery methods
Snail Mail
Own fleet
Pick up

Parcel Services