OXID eShop 7.0.3

Release date: 26-03-2024


  • Dedicated template cache for subshops in the OXID eShop Enterprise Edition

    Description: In the OXID eShop Enterprise Edition subshops could overwrite the template cache.

    This behavior happened if main and subshops had different module installations with their own templates. In a scenario in which a subshop had activated a module and built up its template cache, the main shop was able to determine that the corresponding module was not active when accessing the same cache. This resulted in the eShop being put into maintenance mode.

    Solution: With this update, we ensure that subshops use a separate template cache. This change prevents the described behavior by ensuring that differences in module installations and templates used between main and subshops do not cause conflicts in the template cache. This ensures a more stable and reliable operating environment for eShops with multiple subshops.

    We recommend all operators of the OXID eShop Enterprise Edition to implement this update to optimize the integrity and performance of their eShops.

  • Performance improvement: Load module extension chains from the cache

    Description: When modules are installed in the OXID eShop, the class chain for these modules was constructed from YAML files. This process caused performance losses because reading YAML files is slower than accessing cached data.

    Solution: We improved module extension chain loading by pulling them directly from the cache, not YAML files. This improves the eShop’s performance as accessing the cache is faster and more efficient. The class chains for modules are now stored in the cache when they are first created and loaded from there when required. This reduces load times and improves the general user experience in the eShop.

    Advantage: This optimization leads to an acceleration of the eShops.

    We recommend that all shop owners implement this update in order to benefit from the performance improvements.


With the Apex theme 1.2.2, as a developer of payment modules you can access the basketLoaded event in the checkout.

For more information, see the Changelog.

Cleaning up outdated services and methods

Certain services and methods are outdated. We have replaced them with more powerful and modern alternatives.

So, in our ongoing optimizations, we removed these components:

  • TemplateCacheServiceInterface: This service is now obsolete, we have replaced it with newer caching mechanisms.

  • BasicContextInterface::getTemplateCacheDirectory(): This method is no longer needed as the template cache is now managed via improved methods.

This cleanup improves our code’s maintainability and boosts the OXID eShop’s performance.

Updates and optimizations in detail

Find the changes to the compilation in the metapackage under https://github.com/OXID-eSales/oxideshop_metapackage_ce/compare/v7.0.2…v7.0.3.

Find the corrections in the Changelog.

Updated components

We have updated the following components and modules:

Components of the compilation

The compilation contains the following components:


To install or update, follow the instructions in the Installation section:

New installation
Installing a patch update