Modules and use cases

Based on the capabilities the GraphQL-Base module, we at OXID eSales, built modules to give access to the most frequently used features of the eShop, through queries and mutations. We are striving to expose all shop features via the GraphQL API in the end.

You may find all our GraphQL modules for OXID eShop on GitHub

GraphQL-Base module

GraphQL-Base module is here to provide the basic integration of GraphQL into the OXID eShop. You need this module installed if you want to use GraphQL within OXID eShop.

GraphQL-Storefront module

The GraphQL-Storefront module’s mission is to

  • provide you with all queries you need to create a view of the catalogue with categories, products and everything related.

  • expose all queries and mutations for everything account based. It allows you to manage customers addresses, as well as newsletter subscription, order history and so on.

  • support placing new orders. It is possible to manage multiple userbaskets, add/remove products from those baskets, query and chose delivery address, shipping method and payment and in the end place the order. See Consuming the API - Place an Order.