The OXID eShop personalisation option is an add-on for OXID eShop Enterprise Edition. It allows you to display and recommend shop customers exactly the products which were deduced from the customer’s interaction with the shop, past purchase behaviour and other criteria. The result is that the customer has a personalised shopping experience, regardless of the device that is used to visit the online shop.

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This targeted customer approach is achieved through the seamless connection of OXID eShop to econda Cross Sell. At econda, the leading internet service provider for personalisation and analytics, the data necessary for the recommendations are collected, analysed in real time and transferred to OXID eShop for display.

Functions at a glance

  • The module for the OXID eShop personalisation option provides product data for econda.

  • Export can be started from the Admin panel or executed outside of the shop as a cron job.

  • The module integrates econda Analytics in the shop to determine the behaviour of visitors in the shop.

  • The econda Tag Manager delivers custom pixels and code scripts to the shop’s pages.

  • Different tags can be used in each client of the Enterprise Edition.

  • The module implements the personalised display of products with econda recommendation widgets in the shop.

  • By default, recommendation widgets are integrated on the start page, in the category view, the product detailed view, and on the thank-you page when an order in the shop is completed.

  • Recommendation widgets can be conveniently managed in the Admin panel.

  • By default, recommendation widgets display four products and can be customised.

  • Visual CMS comes with a new widget to easily integrate econda recommendation widgets or banners with recommended products into CMS pages.

  • When calling up the shop a data privacy banner can be displayed whose settings and details are defined on the Audience Relationship Platform (ARP) of econda.