It is recommended to write tests by using OXID Testing Library.

OXID Testing Library helps to test single module by:

  • Adding helpers to write tests.

  • Adding communication with OXID eShop layer.

  • Ensuring that tests do not affect each other due to database usage.

  • Stabilizing Selenium tests.

  • Allows to test compilation intercompatibility:

    OXID eShop allows several modules to work at the same time and they might interact with each other. Testing Library allows to easily run tests for each module to check intercompatibility.

Module tests structure

Default Testing Library behavior is to run all tests which are defined in one of the test classes:

  • AllTestsUnit

  • AllTestsSelenium

These classes define default directories to store tests for a module:

  • Unit

  • Integration

  • Acceptance

Possible structure of module tests:


Possible example in PayPal GitHub repository.

Testing library and it’s documentation in GitHub.

Users predefined in demo data

If you are running tests or using reset-shop functionality of testing library, it’s possible to use these credentials in OXID eShop:

Rights: admin
User name: admin
Password: admin
Rights: buyer
User name: user@oxid-esales.com
Password: user