This section describes module installation process in OXID eShop.

Installing module

There are 2 ways of installing a module:

  1. Composer installation

  2. Manual installation

    if (How?) then (Manual installation\ncopy/clone files\nmanually)
      :Copy/clone module files;
      :Execute installation command;
      :Register module in \nproject composer.json;
      :Execute registered module \ncomposer installation;
    else (Composer installation)
      :Execute composer installation;
      :Module installed;

Composer installation

Module can be installed with regular composer installation. Composer performs all necessary installation steps. Example command how to install OXID eShop PayPal module with composer:

composer require oxid-esales/paypal-module

Manual installation

Manual installation is another way of installing a module, which usually is used for module development. The steps can be found in document: best practice module setup for development.