The configuration of OXID eShop also includes the country settings. These are needed, for example, to set up shipping costs and payment methods. You should have already specified the main shipping country in step 2 of the installation process. It is currently the only active country. You will need to activate other countries to be able to ship your products to customers in these countries.

Activating a country

All countries have already been set up and configured. All you need to do now is activate the required countries under Master Settings ‣ Countries. The first 10 of 247 countries are displayed in the overview. Select a country from the overview by clicking on it. The settings for the selected country will be displayed in the input area below the overview. Check the Active box to activate the country. Save the settings. The country is now active and can be used.

Searching for a country

You can search for a country in the country overview by browsing through the pages or using the search function.

Search input fields are located above the table columns.

  • Use the input field above Active to search for active/inactive countries. Enter 1 if you want only active countries to be displayed. Enter 0 if you want only inactive countries to be displayed.

  • Use the input field above Country to search by country names. You can just enter part of the name.

  • Use the input field above Short Description to search for short descriptions of the countries. You can just enter part of the name.

  • Use the input field above ISO 3 to search for the 3-digit ISO designation for the country, e.g., DEU for Germany.

Once you have entered a search criterion, click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner. This starts the search. Only countries matching the search criterion will be displayed in the overview. You can also search by using multiple search criteria. In this case, all search criteria must be met. For example, if you enter 1 in the field above Active and G in the field above Country, you will only see countries that are active and whose name contains a G.