Ordering process

Some settings for the ordering process can be found under Master Settings ‣ Core Settings ‣ Settings ‣ Order.

Allow fraction Quantities (e.g. 1.5)
Select this setting if you want to offer products whose quantity must be specified as a decimal number, e.g. piece goods or liquids.

Min. Order Price (leave empty to disable)
Enter the minimum amount to be reached by all products added to the shopping cart. If the order value fails to reach this minimum order value, the Continue to the next step button won’t be displayed on the page for selecting the shipping and payment method during the ordering process. Instead, the customer will see a note on the minimum order value.

An additional “Order now” button is show at the top in 4th order step (by default, “Order now” is shown only on the bottom of the page).
If this setting is selected, an additional Order now button will be displayed above the order data.


This setting should not be activated for German shops due to the "Button Solution", which was passed by the German Bundestag and came into force on 01/08/2012. This law imposes clear requirements on shop owners regarding the information presented to customers before they complete the order. The order page must display the products with their essential characteristics. The price and total price of the products including any shipping costs must also be displayed. There must be only one button to complete the order, which must be located in close proximity to this information. The labelling of this button must clearly inform the customer that the purchase represents a financial commitment.

Users have to Confirm General Terms and Conditions during Check-Out
Before completing the order, customers must confirm that they have read and acknowledged the General Terms and Conditions. Select this setting to ask this of customers when they place an order.

Additional settings for the ordering process depend on the design of the shop. For this reason, the settings are stored in the active theme under Extensions ‣ Themes. Go to the Settings tab of the "Azure" theme and click on Display.

Here, you can specify whether the ordering process should be completed with an order confirmation. The order confirmation contains the order number. The links lead to the start page and the customer’s order history.

Use a list to select which action should be performed when a product is added to the shopping cart. There is an option to have a message displayed right next to the shopping cart. Two other options are opening a separate window or displaying the shopping cart itself.