Temporary discounts

OXID eShop allows you to create discounts that apply for a defined period of time. This can be special discount promotions, such as Sunday or late night offers, and seasonal discounts, such as a summer sale or a Christmas special. A start and an end date must be specified for such a discount. For special discounts, the start and end time can be even specified down to the minute or second.

Temporary discounts are edited in the discount management section.

  • Go to Shop Settings ‣ Discounts.

  • Select a discount from the list of discounts or create a new one.

  • If the discount is new, enter a descriptive name and specify by how much the regular price should be reduced.

  • Enter date and time in fields Active for a period (From) and (To) in the YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM-SS format.

  • Make sure to leave the Always active box unchecked.

  • Save the changes.

The discount will only apply to the entered time period and the specified conditions. Without the assignment of user groups or users, the discount will apply to all customers of your online shop. In addition, if neither products nor categories have been assigned, the discount will apply to the entire range of products.