Users tab

Discounts can apply to specific user groups and/or users. Go to the Users tab to configure the necessary settings. Without the assignment of user groups and/or users, the discount will apply to all customers of the online shop.

Discounts - Users tab
Assign User Groups

Clicking on this button opens the assignment window and displays the two lists All User Groups and Assigned User Groups. User groups can be filtered and sorted by title. Drag the desired user groups from the left-hand list into the right-hand list using the mouse. Hold down the Ctrl key to select multiple user groups. The assignment is now completed.

Assign Users

Click on Assign Users to define individual users for the discount. The assignment window opens and displays the two lists All Users and Assigned Users. Select a user group from the drop-down list in the left-hand list of the assignment window to only display users from this group. Users in both lists can be filtered and/or sorted by login (user e-mail).

You can also select multiple users. Drag and drop the desired users into the right-hand list The assignment is now completed.