Running setup

To make your OXID eShop ready, perform the web-based setup.

schritt Starting the setup

Ensure that configuration parameters can be written during the setup and start the setup.

  1. Open a Shell and go to the shop directory.

    cd /var/www/oxideshop/source
  2. Ensure the following files are not read-only:

    • .htaccess


  3. Open a browser and open the shop under

    Replace with the OXID eShop URL.

    The setup starts.

schritt Requirements

The following icons indicate whether the system requirements have been met:

  • install-pass The requirement has been met.

  • install-pmin The requirement hasn’t been met or has been met only partially. OXID eShop still works and can be installed.

  • install-fail The requirement hasn’t been met. OXID eShop doesn’t work without meeting this requirement and can’t be installed.

  • install-null The requirement couldn’t be verified.

  1. Select the language for the installation.

  2. To install OXID eShop and ensure uninterrupted operation, ensure the system requirements are met. In case of any configuration issues, contact your OXID Hosting Partner or Internet Service Provider (ISP).

  3. Once all system requirements are met (there are no red icons), choose Proceed with setup.

schritt Welcome

  1. Specify main shipping country and the shop’s language. You can always add other countries and/or languages later on.

  2. Recommended: Check the box to have the shop regularly checked for updates.

  3. Optional: When installing the Community Edition, help improve product quality by confirming the connection to the OXID servers.

  4. Choose Start installation.

schritt License terms

Check the license terms and confirm them.

schritt Database

Create a database or integrate an existing one.

Database server hostname or IP address

You have the following options:

  • If your database and the webserver share the same server, use the default value localhost. This is the standard procedure for most shops.

  • if you have an outsourced database, enter the hostname or the IP address of your database server. If required, enter the port after the hostname and a colon (hostname:port).

Database Name

You have the following options:

  • Enter the name of your outsourced database.

  • If you don’t have a database yet, enter a name for a database to be created during the setup.

Database username and Database password

Enter the login data for the database. Make sure to keep this login data in a safe place.

Demo data

Decide whether you want to install the shop preconfigured with sample products.

We recommend demo data if you want to use a test installation to familiarize yourself with the shop first.

You can always delete the demo data later on if you want to add your own products to the shop.

If you don’t have a database yet, choose Create database now.

If you have integrated an existing database, a message appears that the database is being overwritten and the tables and data required are being saved.

schritt Directories & login

If required, adjust the adjust the directory settings and define the login data for the shop’s Admin panel.

Note down the following settings and make sure to keep this data in a safe place.

Shop URL

Shows the URL under which your OXID eShop will be accessible.

Directory for OXID eShop

Generates the internal path to the shop on the server.

Adjust the path if you have multiple shops, for example.

You will need this path in the last step of the setup.

Directory for temporary data

Names the directory where the shop’s temporary files, e.g. for Smarty or SEO cache, are stored.

Background: Some module will ask you to clear temporary data manually from time to time.

Administrator E-Mail und Administrator Passwort

Enter your administrator e-mail and password.

With this login data you will log in to the administrator panel after you have completed the setup.

schritt License

If you have an Enterprise or Professional Edition, enter the license key you have received when purchasing OXID eShop.

Find the license key on the receipt sent to you by e-mail.

Choose Save license key.

schritt Finish

For reasons of security, set the file into read-only mode. Test the shop.

  1. Open the shell and go to the shop directory (by default, /var/www/ocideshop/source/).

  2. Execute the following command:

    chmod 0444

    Setting file to read-only ensures that the production system cannot be fatally compromised by changes of, for example, the database name or the shop URL.

  3. To test the shop, open it as a customer and as an administrator:

  • The link To the shop leads you to the shop’s start page.

  • The link To the shop administration leads you to the the Admin panel.