Customer information

Shop owners need to make sure that their customers are informed about the vendor, payment and shipping conditions, privacy policy, and the right of withdrawal. These are just a few keywords for a legally compliant online shop.

Customer information must be carefully prepared and regularly updated to avoid legal pitfalls and the resulting warnings.

Shop owners should seek support to ensure correct contents of the About Us, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Shipping and Charges, Right of Withdrawal, and other sections. In Germany and a number of other countries, for example, Trusted Shops offers the relevant know-how and certified online shops. The awarded seal of approval attests to the shops’ compliance with standards, such as integrity, data protection and supply assurance.

Editing customer information pages

The most important pages with customer information are already available in OXID eShop. By default, they can be accessed via the shop’s footer. The content can be edited using the Content Management System (CMS) integrated in the shop.

To do this, go to Customer Info ‣ CMS Pages in the Admin panel.

Search for the relevant CMS page in the overview to edit its content. The displayed CMS pages can be filtered by e-mail, customer information and product information.

Select Customer Info from the selection list on the left above the overview.

Once you have saved your entries, the new content will be available in the shop.