Products and categories

The “Products and categories” section provides more detailed information on certain topics already explained in sections Products and Categories. While they mainly discuss the settings and input options in the tabs used to create the product catalogue, this section will cover some aspects and provide brief instructions.

Special product prices

Alternative prices for user groups

Contents: price, alternative price, products, users, user groups, price A, price B, price C
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Price per unit (base price)

Contents: price, basic price information, product’s details page, price per unit, weight, volume, length, area, kg, g, l, ml, cm, mm, m, m², m³, piece and item, German Price Indication Ordinance
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Scale prices

Contents: price, scale price, absolute, percentage, quantity discount, product’s details page, shopping cart
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Product catalogue - assignment, sorting and filtering

Assigning products to categories

Contents: product catalogue, assigning products to categories, assigning categories, assigning products, quick assignment of a category, assignment window
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Main category of a product

Contents: product catalogue, categories, setting main category, duplicated content, canonical tag, canonical link, rel="canonical"
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Sorting products

Contents: product catalogue, sorting products of a category, fast sorting, sorting according to product characteristic, manual sorting, fields for sorting, ascending, asc, descending, desc, users can sort product lists
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Filtering products

Contents: product catalogue, categories, filtering products, attribute filter, attributes, assigning categories, products, assigning attributes
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