RDFa tab


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Specify which RDFa data are to be embedded for each shipping method of your OXID eShop.


OXID eShop provides information well prepared for search engines, portals and other systems. This information can be presented, for example, as so-called Rich Snippets – detailed information about a search result. The data is prepared on the basis of the Resource Description Framework (RDFa) and the GoodReleations description language optimized for e-commerce.

On the RDFa tab, a logical link is created between the payment type and the values predefined in GoodReleations for payment.

For more information on embedding RDFa data also of your payment methods, see Shop Settings ‣ Payment Methods, RDFa tab.


  • For the store to use RDFa integration, you have enabled and configured the feature under Master Settings ‣ Core Settings ‣ RDFa.


On the RDFa tab, do the following for each shipping method you have configured:

  1. Chooose the shipping method you want to embed in RDFa format (Fig.: Embedding shipping method information, item 1).

  2. Mark the corresponding shipping method that GoodRelations offers for embedding (Fig.: Embedding shipping method information, item 2).

  3. Save your settings (Fig.: Embedding shipping method information, item 3).

Embedding shipping method information

Fig.: Embedding shipping method information