PayPal Checkout V. 2.4

Release date: 04-04-2024

New or changed functions

We have

  • added the PayPal Vaulting function

  • removed two payment methods

PayPal Vaulting

With PayPal Vaulting, enable a seamless checkout process for returning customers and increase your conversion rate.


PayPal Vaulting means: Your customers store their payment information securely in the Braintree vault to reuse it for future transactions.

PayPal Vaulting automatically creates a PayPal billing agreement. This allows you to charge the account in the future without your customers having to re-authenticate with PayPal or select a payment method from their wallet.

Main benefits and uses:

  • Storage for future purchases: customers do not have to re-enter their payment information with each purchase, speeding up the checkout process and increasing ease of use.

  • Versatility: Supports the selection or addition of shipping addresses and payment methods in the PayPal account, as well as two-factor authentication in multiple countries.

  • Improved customer experience on return: Customers who have saved their PayPal Wallet in the vault can pay faster for future purchases and, if desired, change their payment method.

For more information on PayPal Vaulting, under Configuration see the section on Deactivating PayPal Vaulting.

Activating PayPal Vaulting retrospectively

If you already use PayPal Checkout, activate PayPal Vaulting afterwards:


  1. Update to PayPal Checkout 2.4.0.

    For more information, see Installing a minor update.

  2. Go through the registration process (onboarding) again.

    After a successful technical check, the availability of PayPal Vaulting is confirmed in the Activation for special payment methods has taken place area (Fig.: Client ID/secret and webhook ID created, item 4).

    For more information on going through the registration process (onboarding), see API Credentials: Onboarding.


PayPal Vaulting is activated by default (Figure: Deactivating PayPal Vaulting, Pos. 1).

Deactivate it if required. For more information, see Deactivating PayPal Vaulting.

Changed payment methods

With PayPal Checkout 2.4, the following payment methods are not supported anymore:

  • Sofort

  • MyBank

For more information about supported payment methods, see Payment methods in PayPal Checkout.


To use PayPal Checkout V. 2.4, install it in your OXID eShop 6.3.x to 6.5.x

For more information, see Installation.


To use the functions and corrections of PayPal Checkout V. 2.4, update.

For more information, see