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Detailed Description

class for parsing and retrieving warnings from adodb saved sql table

Definition at line 8 of file oxdebugdb.php.

Public Member Functions

 getWarnings ()

Protected Member Functions

 _generateWarningsResult ($aInput)
 _checkMissingKeys ($sSql)
 _checkMess ($s1, $s2)
 _logToFile ($aWarnings)

Static Protected Member Functions

static _skipWhiteSpace ($str)
static _isSkipped ($sSql)
static getSqlTemplate ($sSql)

Private Member Functions

 _missingKeysChecker ($aExplain)

Static Private Attributes

static $_aSkipSqls = array()

Member Function Documentation

static oxDebugDb._skipWhiteSpace ( str  )  [static, protected]

Definition at line 13 of file oxdebugdb.php.

static oxDebugDb._isSkipped ( sSql  )  [static, protected]

Definition at line 17 of file oxdebugdb.php.

oxDebugDb.getWarnings (  ) 

warning list generator


Definition at line 37 of file oxdebugdb.php.

oxDebugDb._generateWarningsResult ( aInput  )  [protected]

returns nice formatted array

array $aInput

Definition at line 91 of file oxdebugdb.php.

oxDebugDb._checkMissingKeys ( sSql  )  [protected]

check missing keys - use explain return true on warning

bool $sSql

Definition at line 119 of file oxdebugdb.php.

oxDebugDb._missingKeysChecker ( aExplain  )  [private]

check if remark of explain is not using keys true if not using

array $aExplain

Definition at line 142 of file oxdebugdb.php.

oxDebugDb._checkMess ( s1,
) [protected]

return true if statements are similar

string $s1
string $s2

Definition at line 176 of file oxdebugdb.php.

static oxDebugDb.getSqlTemplate ( sSql  )  [static, protected]

strips sql down of its values

string $sSql

Definition at line 200 of file oxdebugdb.php.

oxDebugDb._logToFile ( aWarnings  )  [protected]

log to file

Definition at line 212 of file oxdebugdb.php.

Member Data Documentation

oxDebugDb.$_aSkipSqls = array() [static, private]

Definition at line 11 of file oxdebugdb.php.

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