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Detailed Description

pricealarm sending manager. Performs sending of pricealarm to selected iAllCnt groups.

Definition at line 7 of file pricealarm_send.php.

Public Member Functions

 render ()
 sendeMail ($sEMail, $sProductID, $sPricealarmID, $sBidPrice)

Protected Member Functions

 _setupNavigation ($sId)

Protected Attributes

 $_iDefEdit = 1

Member Function Documentation

PriceAlarm_Send.render (  ) 

Executes parent method parent.render(), creates oxpricealarm object, sends pricealarm to iAllCnts of chosen groups and returns name of template file "pricealarm_send.tpl"/"pricealarm_done.tpl".


Reimplemented from oxAdminList.

Definition at line 22 of file pricealarm_send.php.

PriceAlarm_Send._setupNavigation ( sId  )  [protected]

Overrides parent method to pass referred id

string $sId class name

Reimplemented from oxAdminList.

Definition at line 81 of file pricealarm_send.php.

PriceAlarm_Send.sendeMail ( sEMail,

creates and sends email with pricealarm information

string $sEMail email address
string $sProductID product id
string $sPricealarmID price alarm id
string $sBidPrice bidded price

Definition at line 96 of file pricealarm_send.php.

Member Data Documentation

PriceAlarm_Send.$_iDefEdit = 1 [protected]

Reimplemented from oxAdminView.

Definition at line 14 of file pricealarm_send.php.

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