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Includes credit card validation class. Calss for validating input

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Public Member Functions

 validateBasketAmount ($dAmount)
 validatePaymentInputData ($sPaymentId, &$aDynvalue)

Protected Attributes


Member Function Documentation

oxInputValidator.validateBasketAmount ( dAmount  ) 

Validates basket amount

float $dAmount amount of article
oxArticleInputException if amount is not numeric or smaller 0

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oxInputValidator.validatePaymentInputData ( sPaymentId,
&$  aDynvalue 

Validates payment input data for credit card and debit note

string $sPaymentId the payment id of current payment
array &$aDynvalue values of payment

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Member Data Documentation

oxInputValidator.$_aRequiredCCFields [protected]

Initial value:

 array( 'kktype',

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oxInputValidator.$_aPossibleCCType [protected]

Initial value:

 array( 'mcd', // Master Card
                                         'vis', // Visa
                                         'amx', // American Express
                                         'dsc', // Discover
                                         'dnc', // Diners Club
                                         'jcb', // JCB
                                         'swi', // Switch
                                         'dlt', // Delta
                                         'enr'  // EnRoute

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oxInputValidator.$_aRequiredDCFields [protected]

Initial value:

 array( 'lsbankname',

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