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oxTsRatings Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 getTsId ()
 setTsId ($sId)
 getRatings ()

Public Attributes

const CACHE_TTL = 43200

Protected Member Functions

 _executeCurl ($sUrl)

Protected Attributes

 $_aChannel = array()
 $_sTsId = null

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

oxTsRatings._executeCurl ( sUrl  )  [protected]

Executes curl request to trusted shops

string curl response text

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oxTsRatings.getRatings (  ) 

Returns trusted shop ratings, if possible, if not returns array with key empty set to true


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oxTsRatings.getTsId (  ) 

Returns trusted shop id


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oxTsRatings.setTsId ( sId  ) 

Sets trusted shop id


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Member Data Documentation

oxTsRatings.$_aChannel = array() [protected]

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oxTsRatings.$_sTsId = null [protected]

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const oxTsRatings.CACHE_TTL = 43200

timeout in seconds for regenerating data (3h)

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data id for cache

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