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Public Member Functions

 render ()
 exportlex ()
 makeValidFileName ($sFilename)
 createPDF ()
 sendorder ()
 resetorder ()
 canExport ()
 canResetShippingDate ()

Protected Member Functions

 _getPaymentType ($oOrder)

Detailed Description

Admin order overview manager. Collects order overview information, updates it on user submit, etc. Admin Menu: Orders -> Display Orders -> Overview.

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Member Function Documentation

Order_Overview._getPaymentType ( oOrder  )  [protected]

Returns user payment used for current order. In case current order was executed using credit card and user payment info is not stored in db (if oxConfig.blStoreCreditCardInfo = false), just for preview user payment is set from oxPayment

object $oOrder Order object

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Order_Overview.canExport (  ) 

Returns pdf export state - can export or not


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Order_Overview.canResetShippingDate (  ) 

Get information about shipping status


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Order_Overview.createPDF (  ) 

Performs PDF export to user (outputs file to save).

since v5.2.0 (2014-03-27); Moved to invoicepdf module's InvoicepdfOrder_Overview class

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Order_Overview.exportlex (  ) 

Performs Lexware export to user (outputs file to save).

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Order_Overview.makeValidFileName ( sFilename  ) 

Gets proper file name

string $sFilename file name

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Order_Overview.render (  ) 

Executes parent method parent.render(), creates oxOrder, passes it's data to Smarty engine and returns name of template file "order_overview.tpl".


Reimplemented from oxAdminDetails.

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Order_Overview.resetorder (  ) 

Resets order shipping date.

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Order_Overview.sendorder (  ) 

Sends order.

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