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Shop_Seo Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 render ()
 save ()
 dropSeoIds ()
 deleteStaticUrl ()

Protected Member Functions

 _loadActiveUrl ($iShopId)
 _processUrls ($aUrls)
 _cleanupUrl ($sUrl)

Protected Attributes

 $_sActSeoObject = null

Detailed Description

Admin shop system setting manager. Collects shop system settings, updates it on user submit, etc. Admin Menu: Main Menu -> Core Settings -> System.

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Member Function Documentation

Shop_Seo._cleanupUrl ( sUrl  )  [protected]

processes urls by fixing "&", "&"

string $sUrl processable url

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Shop_Seo._loadActiveUrl ( iShopId  )  [protected]

Loads and sets active url info to view

int $iShopId active shop id

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Shop_Seo._processUrls ( aUrls  )  [protected]

Goes through urls array and prepares them for saving to db

array $aUrls urls to process

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Shop_Seo.deleteStaticUrl (  ) 

Deletes static url

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Shop_Seo.dropSeoIds (  ) 

Resetting SEO ids

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Shop_Seo.render (  ) 

Executes parent method parent.render() and returns name of template file "shop_system.tpl".


Reimplemented from Shop_Config.

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Saves changed shop configuration parameters.

Reimplemented from oxAdminView.

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Member Data Documentation

Shop_Seo.$_sActSeoObject = null [protected]

Active seo url id

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