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oxDeliveryList Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
 setHomeCountry ($sHomeCountry)
 getDeliveryList ($oBasket, $oUser=null, $sDelCountry=null, $sDelSet=null)
 hasDeliveries ($oBasket, $oUser, $sDelCountry, $sDeliverySetId)
 getUser ()
 setUser ($oUser)
 setCollectFittingDeliveriesSets ($blCollectFittingDeliveriesSets=false)
 loadDeliveryListForProduct ($oProduct)

Protected Member Functions

 _getList ($oUser=null, $sCountryId=null, $sDelSet=null)
 _getFilterSelect ($oUser, $sCountryId, $sDelSet)

Protected Attributes

 $_sUserId = null
 $_blPerfLoadDelivery = null
 $_aDeliveries = array()
 $_oUser = null
 $_sHomeCountry = null
 $_blCollectFittingDeliveriesSets = false

Detailed Description

Delivery list manager.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

oxDeliveryList.__construct (  ) 

Calls parent constructor and sets home country


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Member Function Documentation

oxDeliveryList._getFilterSelect ( oUser,
) [protected]

Creates delivery list filter SQL to load current state delivery list

oxUser $oUser session user object
string $sCountryId user country id
string $sDelSet user chosen delivery set

Definition at line 136 of file oxdeliverylist.php.

oxDeliveryList._getList ( oUser = null,
sCountryId = null,
sDelSet = null 
) [protected]

Returns active delivery list

Loads all active delivery in list. Additionally checks if set has user customized parameters like assigned users, countries or user groups. Performs additional filtering according to these parameters

oxUser $oUser session user object
string $sCountryId user country id
string $sDelSet user chosen delivery set

Definition at line 95 of file oxdeliverylist.php.

oxDeliveryList.getDeliveryList ( oBasket,
oUser = null,
sDelCountry = null,
sDelSet = null 

Loads and returns list of deliveries.


  • first checks if delivery loading is enabled in config - $myConfig->bl_perfLoadDelivery is TRUE;
  • loads delivery set list by calling this.GetDeliverySetList(...);
  • checks if there is any active (eg. chosen delivery set in order process etc) delivery set defined and if its set - rearranges delivery set list by storing active set at the beginning in the list.
  • goes through delivery sets and loads its deliveries, checks if any delivery fits. By checking calculates and stores conditional amounts:

oDelivery->iItemCnt - items in basket that fits this delivery oDelivery->iProdCnt - products in basket that fits this delivery oDelivery->dPrice - price of products that fits this delivery

  • returns a list of deliveries. NOTICE: for performance reasons deliveries is cached in $myConfig->aDeliveryList.
object $oBasket basket object
oxUser $oUser session user
string $sDelCountry user country id
string $sDelSet delivery set id

Definition at line 222 of file oxdeliverylist.php.

oxDeliveryList.getUser (  ) 

Get current user object. If user is not set, try to get current user.


Definition at line 324 of file oxdeliverylist.php.

oxDeliveryList.hasDeliveries ( oBasket,

Checks if deliveries in list fits for current basket and delivery set

oxBasket $oBasket shop basket
oxUser $oUser session user
string $sDelCountry delivery country
string $sDeliverySetId delivery set id to check its relation to delivery list

Definition at line 301 of file oxdeliverylist.php.

oxDeliveryList.loadDeliveryListForProduct ( oProduct  ) 

Load oxDeliveryList for product

object $oProduct oxArticle object

Definition at line 359 of file oxdeliverylist.php.

oxDeliveryList.setCollectFittingDeliveriesSets ( blCollectFittingDeliveriesSets = false  ) 

Force or not to collect deliveries sets instead of deliveries when getting deliveries list in getDeliveryList()

bool $blCollectFittingDeliveriesSets collect deliveries sets or not

Definition at line 349 of file oxdeliverylist.php.

oxDeliveryList.setHomeCountry ( sHomeCountry  ) 

Home country setter

string $sHomeCountry home country id

Definition at line 72 of file oxdeliverylist.php.

oxDeliveryList.setUser ( oUser  ) 

Set current user object

oxUser $oUser user object

Definition at line 338 of file oxdeliverylist.php.

Member Data Documentation

oxDeliveryList.$_aDeliveries = array() [protected]

Definition at line 29 of file oxdeliverylist.php.

oxDeliveryList.$_blCollectFittingDeliveriesSets = false [protected]

Definition at line 51 of file oxdeliverylist.php.

oxDeliveryList.$_blPerfLoadDelivery = null [protected]

Definition at line 22 of file oxdeliverylist.php.

oxDeliveryList.$_oUser = null [protected]

Definition at line 36 of file oxdeliverylist.php.

oxDeliveryList.$_sHomeCountry = null [protected]

Definition at line 43 of file oxdeliverylist.php.

oxDeliveryList.$_sUserId = null [protected]

Definition at line 15 of file oxdeliverylist.php.

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