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oxManufacturerList Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
 setShowManufacturerArticleCnt ($blShowManufacturerArticleCnt=false)
 loadManufacturerList ()
 buildManufacturerTree ($sLinkTarget, $sActCat, $sShopHomeUrl)
 getRootCat ()
 getPath ()
 setClickManufacturer ($oManufacturer)
 getClickManufacturer ()

Protected Member Functions

 _addCategoryFields ($oManufacturer)
 _seoSetManufacturerData ()

Protected Attributes

 $_oRoot = null
 $_aPath = array()
 $_blShowManufacturerArticleCnt = false
 $_oClickedManufacturer = null

Detailed Description

Manufacturer list manager. Collects list of manufacturers according to collection rules (activ, etc.).

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

oxManufacturerList.__construct (  ) 

Calls parent constructor and defines if Article vendor count is shown


Definition at line 44 of file oxmanufacturerlist.php.

Member Function Documentation

oxManufacturerList._addCategoryFields ( oManufacturer  )  [protected]

Adds category specific fields to manufacturer object

object $oManufacturer manufacturer object

Definition at line 144 of file oxmanufacturerlist.php.

oxManufacturerList._seoSetManufacturerData (  )  [protected]

Processes manufacturer category URLs

Definition at line 178 of file oxmanufacturerlist.php.

oxManufacturerList.buildManufacturerTree ( sLinkTarget,

Creates fake root for manufacturer tree, and ads category list fileds for each manufacturer item

string $sLinkTarget Name of class, responsible for category rendering
string $sActCat Active category
string $sShopHomeUrl base shop url ($myConfig->getShopHomeURL())

Definition at line 89 of file oxmanufacturerlist.php.

oxManufacturerList.getClickManufacturer (  ) 

returns active (open) manufacturer object


Definition at line 170 of file oxmanufacturerlist.php.

oxManufacturerList.getPath (  ) 

Returns manufacturer path array


Definition at line 134 of file oxmanufacturerlist.php.

oxManufacturerList.getRootCat (  ) 

Root manufacturer list node (which usually is a manually prefilled object) getter


Definition at line 124 of file oxmanufacturerlist.php.

oxManufacturerList.loadManufacturerList (  ) 

Loads simple manufacturer list

Definition at line 63 of file oxmanufacturerlist.php.

oxManufacturerList.setClickManufacturer ( oManufacturer  ) 

Sets active (open) manufacturer object

oxmanufacturer $oManufacturer active manufacturer

Definition at line 160 of file oxmanufacturerlist.php.

oxManufacturerList.setShowManufacturerArticleCnt ( blShowManufacturerArticleCnt = false  ) 

Enables/disables manufacturer article count calculation

bool $blShowManufacturerArticleCnt to show article count or not

Definition at line 55 of file oxmanufacturerlist.php.

Member Data Documentation

oxManufacturerList.$_aPath = array() [protected]

Definition at line 23 of file oxmanufacturerlist.php.

oxManufacturerList.$_blShowManufacturerArticleCnt = false [protected]

Definition at line 30 of file oxmanufacturerlist.php.

oxManufacturerList.$_oClickedManufacturer = null [protected]

Definition at line 37 of file oxmanufacturerlist.php.

oxManufacturerList.$_oRoot = null [protected]

Definition at line 16 of file oxmanufacturerlist.php.

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