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oxOnlineModuleVersionNotifier Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 __construct (oxOnlineModuleVersionNotifierCaller $oCaller, oxModuleList $oModuleList)
 versionNotify ()

Protected Member Functions

 _formRequest ()
 _getOnlineModuleNotifierCaller ()
 _getModules ()

Private Attributes

 $_oCaller = null
 $_oModuleList = null

Detailed Description

Performs Online Module Version Notifier check.

The Online Module Version Notification is used for checking if newer versions of modules are available. Will be used by the upcoming online one click installer. Is still under development - still changes at the remote server are necessary - therefore ignoring the results for now

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

oxOnlineModuleVersionNotifier.__construct ( oxOnlineModuleVersionNotifierCaller oCaller,
oxModuleList oModuleList 

Class constructor, initiates class parameters.

oxOnlineModuleVersionNotifierCaller $oCaller Online module version notifier caller object
oxModuleList $oModuleList Module list object

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Member Function Documentation

oxOnlineModuleVersionNotifier._formRequest (  )  [protected]

Send request message to Online Module Version Notifier web service.


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oxOnlineModuleVersionNotifier._getModules (  )  [protected]

Returns shops array of modules.


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oxOnlineModuleVersionNotifier._getOnlineModuleNotifierCaller (  )  [protected]

Returns caller.


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oxOnlineModuleVersionNotifier.versionNotify (  ) 

Perform Online Module version Notification. Returns result

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Member Data Documentation

oxOnlineModuleVersionNotifier.$_oCaller = null [private]

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oxOnlineModuleVersionNotifier.$_oModuleList = null [private]

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