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oxVoucherSerie Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
 delete ($sOxId=null)
 setUserGroups ()
 unsetUserGroups ()
 unsetDiscountRelations ()
 getVoucherList ()
 deleteVoucherList ()
 countVouchers ()
 getVoucherStatusByDatetime ($sNow=null)

Protected Attributes

 $_oGroups = null
 $_sClassName = 'oxvoucherserie'

Detailed Description

Voucher serie manager. Manages list of available Vouchers (fetches, deletes, etc.).

Definition at line 8 of file oxvoucherserie.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

oxVoucherSerie.__construct (  ) 

Class constructor, initiates parent constructor (parent.oxBase()).

Reimplemented from oxBase.

Definition at line 26 of file oxvoucherserie.php.

Member Function Documentation

oxVoucherSerie.countVouchers (  ) 

Returns array of vouchers counts.


Definition at line 121 of file oxvoucherserie.php.

oxVoucherSerie.delete ( sOxId = null  ) 

Override delete function so we can delete user group and article or category relations first.

string $sOxId object ID (default null)

Reimplemented from oxBase.

Definition at line 39 of file oxvoucherserie.php.

oxVoucherSerie.deleteVoucherList (  ) 

Deletes assigned voucher list.

Definition at line 109 of file oxvoucherserie.php.

oxVoucherSerie.getVoucherList (  ) 

Returns array of a vouchers assigned to this serie.


Definition at line 97 of file oxvoucherserie.php.

oxVoucherSerie.getVoucherStatusByDatetime ( sNow = null  ) 

Get voucher status base on given date (if nothing was passed, current datetime will be used as a measure).

string|null $sNow Date

Definition at line 144 of file oxvoucherserie.php.

oxVoucherSerie.setUserGroups (  ) 

Collects and returns user group list.


Definition at line 58 of file oxvoucherserie.php.

oxVoucherSerie.unsetDiscountRelations (  ) 

Removes product or dategory relations.

Definition at line 85 of file oxvoucherserie.php.

oxVoucherSerie.unsetUserGroups (  ) 

Removes user groups relations.

Definition at line 75 of file oxvoucherserie.php.

Member Data Documentation

oxVoucherSerie.$_oGroups = null [protected]

Definition at line 16 of file oxvoucherserie.php.

oxVoucherSerie.$_sClassName = 'oxvoucherserie' [protected]

Reimplemented from oxBase.

Definition at line 21 of file oxvoucherserie.php.

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