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oxERPType_Article2Category Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from oxERPType
 getFunctionSuffix ()
 getShopObjectName ()
 getBaseTableName ()
 setFunctionSuffix ($sNew)
 setFieldList ($aFieldList)
 getTableName ($iShopID=null, $iLanguage=0)
 getSQL ($sWhere, $iLanguage=0, $iShopId=1)
 getSortString ($sFieldName=null, $sType=null)
 checkWriteAccess ($oObj, $aData=null)
 checkCreateAccess ($aData)
 getObjectForDeletion ($sId)
 checkForDeletion ($sId)
 delete ($sID)
 deleteObject ($oObj, $sID)
 addExportData ($aFields)
 addImportData ($aFields)
 getRightFields ()
 getFieldList ()
 getKeyFields ()
 getOxidFromKeyFields ($aData)
 hasKeyFields ()
 saveObject ($aData, $blAllowCustomShopId)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from oxERPType
static $ERROR_WRONG_SHOPID = "Wrong shop id, operation not allowed!"
- Protected Member Functions inherited from oxERPType
 _getSqlFieldName ($sField, $iLanguage=0, $iShopID=1)
 _isAllowedToEdit ($iShopId)
 _directSqlCheckForDeletion ($sId)
 _preAssignObject ($oShopObject, $aData, $blAllowCustomShopId)
 _preSaveObject ($oShopObject, $aData)
 _postSaveObject ($oShopObject, $aData)
- Protected Attributes inherited from oxERPType
 $_sTableName = null
 $_sFunctionSuffix = null
 $_aFieldList = null
 $_aKeyFieldList = null
 $_sShopObjectName = null
 $_blRestrictedByShopId = false
 $_aFieldListVersions = null

Detailed Description

article2category relation type subclass

Definition at line 8 of file oxerptype_article2category.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

oxERPType_Article2Category::__construct ( )

class constructor


Reimplemented from oxERPType.

Definition at line 16 of file oxerptype_article2category.php.

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