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oxObject2Group Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
 save ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from oxBase
 getUseSkipSaveFields ()
 setUseSkipSaveFields ($blUseSkipSaveFields)
 __set ($sName, $sValue)
 __get ($sName)
 __isset ($mVar)
 __clone ()
 oxClone ($oObject)
 getUpdateSeo ()
 setUpdateSeo ($blUpdateSeo)
 init ($sTableName=null, $blForceAllFields=false)
 assign ($dbRecord)
 getClassName ()
 getCoreTableName ()
 getId ()
 setId ($sOXID=null)
 setShopId ($iShopId)
 getShopId ()
 getViewName ($blForceCoreTableUsage=null)
 modifyCacheKey ($sCacheKey, $blOverride=false)
 disableLazyLoading ()
 isDerived ()
 setIsDerived ($blVal)
 isMultilang ()
 load ($sOXID)
 isLoaded ()
 buildSelectString ($aWhere=null)
 assignRecord ($sSelect)
 getFieldData ($sFieldName)
 getSelectFields ($blForceCoreTableUsage=null)
 delete ($sOxId=null)
 allowDerivedUpdate ()
 allowDerivedDelete ()
 exists ($sOXID=null)
 getSqlActiveSnippet ($blForceCoreTable=null)
 beforeUpdate ($sOXID=null)
 onChange ($iAction=null, $sOXID=null)
 setInList ()
 isOx ()
 isReadOnly ()
 setReadOnly ($blReadOnly)
 getFieldNames ()
 addFieldName ($sName)
 getLanguage ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from oxSuperCfg
 __call ($sMethod, $aArgs)
 getConfig ()
 setConfig ($oConfig)
 getSession ()
 setSession ($oSession)
 getUser ()
 setUser ($oUser)
 isAdmin ()
 setAdminMode ($blAdmin)

Protected Attributes

 $_blDisableShopCheck = true
 $_sClassName = 'oxobject2group'
- Protected Attributes inherited from oxBase
 $_sOXID = null
 $_iShopId = null
 $_blIsSimplyClonable = true
 $_sClassName = 'oxbase'
 $_sCoreTable = null
 $_sViewTable = null
 $_aFieldNames = array('oxid' => 0)
 $_sCacheKey = null
 $_blUseLazyLoading = false
 $_aSkipSaveFields = array('oxtimestamp')
 $_blUseSkipSaveFields = true
 $_sExistKey = 'oxid'
 $_blIsDerived = null
 $_blIsSeoObject = false
 $_blUpdateSeo = true
 $_blReadOnly = false
 $_blIsInList = false
 $_isLoaded = false
 $_aInnerLazyCache = null
 $_blEmployMultilanguage = false

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from oxBase
 _setUpdateSeoOnFieldChange ($sField)
 _removeElement2ShopRelations ($sOxId)
 _isInList ()
 _getObjectViewName ($sTable, $sShopID=null)
 _getTableFields ($sTable, $blReturnSimple=false)
 _getAllFields ($blReturnSimple=false)
 _initDataStructure ($blForceFullStructure=false)
 _getNonCachedFieldNames ($blForceFullStructure=false)
 _getFieldStatus ($sFieldName)
 _addField ($sName, $iStatus, $sType=null, $sLength=null)
 _getFieldLongName ($sFieldName)
 _setFieldData ($sFieldName, $sValue, $iDataType=oxField::T_TEXT)
 _canFieldBeNull ($sFieldName)
 _getFieldDefaultValue ($sFieldName)
 _getUpdateFieldValue ($sFieldName, $oField)
 _getUpdateFields ($blUseSkipSaveFields=true)
 _update ()
 _insert ()
 _isDisabledFieldCache ()
 _addSkippedSaveFieldsForMapping ()
 _disableLazyLoadingForCaching ()
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from oxBase
static $_blDisableFieldCaching = array()

Detailed Description

Manages object (users, discounts, deliveries...) assignment to groups.

Definition at line 6 of file oxobject2group.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

oxObject2Group::__construct ( )

Class constructor, initiates parent constructor (parent::oxBase()).

Reimplemented from oxBase.

Definition at line 25 of file oxobject2group.php.

Member Function Documentation

oxObject2Group::save ( )

Extends the default save method. Saves only if this kind of entry do not exists.


Reimplemented from oxBase.

Definition at line 38 of file oxobject2group.php.

Member Data Documentation

oxObject2Group::$_blDisableShopCheck = true

Definition at line 13 of file oxobject2group.php.

oxObject2Group::$_sClassName = 'oxobject2group'

Definition at line 20 of file oxobject2group.php.

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