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oxStr Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ()

Static Public Member Functions

static getStr ()

Protected Member Functions

 _getStrHandler ()

Static Protected Attributes

static $_oHandler

Detailed Description

Factory class responsible for redirecting string handling functions to specific string handling class. String handler basically is intended for dealing with multibyte string and is NOT supposed to replace all string handling functions. We use the handler for shop data and user input, but prefer not to use it for ascii strings (eg. field or file names).

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

oxStr::__construct ( )

Class constructor. The constructor is defined in order to be possible to call parent::__construct() in modules.


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Member Function Documentation

oxStr::_getStrHandler ( )

Non static getter returning str handler. The sense of getStr() and _getStrHandler() is to be possible to call this method statically ( oxStr::getStr() ), yet leaving the possibility to extend it in modules by overriding _getStrHandler() method.


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static oxStr::getStr ( )

Static method initializing new string handler or returning the existing one.


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Member Data Documentation


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