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oxUtilsString Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
 prepareCSVField ($sInField)
 minimizeTruncateString ($sString, $iLength)
 prepareStrForSearch ($sSearchStr)

Detailed Description

String manipulation class

Definition at line 6 of file oxutilsstring.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

oxUtilsString::__construct ( )

Class constructor. The constructor is defined in order to be possible to call parent::__construct() in modules.

Definition at line 12 of file oxutilsstring.php.

Member Function Documentation

oxUtilsString::minimizeTruncateString (   $sString,

shortens a string to a size $iLenght, multiple spaces are removed and leading and ending whitespaces are removed. If string ends with "," then "," is removed from string end

string$sStringinput string
int$iLengthmaximum length of result string , -1 -> no truncation
string a string of maximum length $iLength without multiple spaces and commas

Definition at line 45 of file oxutilsstring.php.

oxUtilsString::prepareCSVField (   $sInField)

Prepares passed string for CSV format

string$sInFieldString to prepare

Definition at line 23 of file oxutilsstring.php.

oxUtilsString::prepareStrForSearch (   $sSearchStr)

Prepares and returns string for search engines.

string$sSearchStrString to prepare for search engines

Definition at line 69 of file oxutilsstring.php.

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