Module installation and activation

To understand data flow in OXID eShop functionality please have a look to the state diagram bellow:

 top to bottom direction

 state "Non Existing" as NonExisting : State where module\nin OXID eShop does \nnot exist yet.

 state Installed: Module files and \nconfiguration files \nin place.

 state Configured: State where the OXID \neShop administrator \nalready configured a \nmodule via OXID eShop \nadmin, or by editing \nconfiguration files. \nDatabase gets not \ntouched.

 state Active : When module being \nactivated, the data \ngoes from configuration \nfiles to the database. \nAt this module becomes \nactive.

 [*] --> NonExisting
 NonExisting --> Installed: **Installation**\nvia <i> composer install</i>
 Installed --> Configured: Configure module \nvia eShop admin \nor configuration files
 Configured --> Active : Module activation \nvia eShop admin \nweb interface\nor CLI command

More about module installation and configuration please read module preparation and deployment documents.