If module was installed successfully, next step is activating it.

There are 3 ways of activating a module:

1. Activate a module through OXID eShop admin panel:

Open OXID eShop administration panel and got to Extensions ‣ Modules, select a module and click activation button.

2. Activate a module via OXID eShop command:

To activate module you need to execute command:

vendor/bin/oe-console oe:module:activate <module-id>

For module deactivation you would need to execute this command:

vendor/bin/oe-console oe:module:deactivate <module-id>


<module-id> is a module, which should be activated, ID. It can be found in module metadata.php file.

3. Activate all configured modules at once:

All modules activation usually should be used during deployment phase. How to activate all modules at once please read modules configuration and deployment document.