Developer Tools component

The Developer Tools component is a collection of utilities added to assist during development stage. Please follow the link below to find more about available commands and their usage:

The reset-shop command

The reset-shop command is a part of OXID Testing Library. It can be used to quickly retrieve a working OXID eShop installation in case the application is failing to start properly (e.g. due to misconfiguration).

Running reset-shop:
  • initiates generation of unified namespace classes

  • resets project configuration

  • calls ShopInstaller service to:
    • clear temporary files

    • drop and re-create database

    • install initial data, demo data, etc


Existing multi-shop setup (applicable for EE only) after executing reset-shop will be reverted to a single shop configuration.

To reset your application run:



Developer tools usage may cause data loss and should never occur on live system.