How to create a theme installable via composer?

Themes are installed via Composer by using OXID eShop Composer Plugin.

In order to install theme correctly this plugin requires two fields to be described in theme composer.json file:

Flow theme example:

   "name": "oxid-esales/flow-theme",
   "description": "This is Flow theme for OXID eShop.",
   "type": "oxideshop-theme",
   "keywords": ["oxid", "themes", "eShop"],
   "homepage": "",
   "license": [
   "extra": {
     "oxideshop": {
       "target-directory": "flow",
       "assets-directory": "out/flow"


Theme must have oxideshop-theme value defined as a type. This defines how the repository should be treated by the installer.

extra: {oxideshop}


target-director value will be used to create a folder inside the Shop Application/views directory. This folder will be used to place all files of the module.


Defines where public resources like css, js, images are placed inside the theme. The plugin will copy those files to the Shop out directory.


It is recommended to keep assets in out directory at a root level of the repository.