Functional Description


The English version of this Visual CMS documentation serves only as a basis and does not contain all details. More comprehensive documentation can be found in the German version.

CMS-pages can be changed by adding or editing widgets. The Visual CMS automatically generates a text widget with the page content for CMS pages, which are edited for the first time using the editor. The Visual CMS allows you to edit CMS pages in a fast and comfortable manner. Pages not edited via the Visual CMS still function as before.

Creating New Pages

New pages can be easily created using the Visual CMS:

  1. Activate the checkbox Create new content

  2. Enter Title und Ident.

  3. Save

Adding Content

The easiest and fastest way to add content to a CMS-page is to add a text widget:

  1. Click on Button Add widget

  2. Enter your test in the field Content

  3. Save the widget

  4. If necessary, change the size of the widget

  5. Click Save

Searching for Content

It is just as easy to search for existing pages:

  1. Click into field CMS-Content

  2. Enter your search term

  3. Choose your content from the Live search

Editing a Widget

Widgets can easily be edited:

  1. Choose the page you wish to edit

  2. Use your mouse to hover over the widget you wish to edit

  3. Click on the edit symbol

  4. Edit the widget

  5. Save the changes to the widget

  6. Save the CMS content

Adding Further Widgets

  1. Choose the content you wish to edit

  2. Click on Button Add widget

  3. Choose a widget

  4. Edit options and content

  5. Save the widget