The English version of this Visual CMS documentation serves only as a basis and for developers and does not contain all details. More comprehensive documentation can be found in the German documentation.


With Visual CMS it is possible to create and manage CMS page content easily by drag-and-drop. Thanks to the simple interface, you can build new content and entire websites in no time. In addition, content created with Visual CMS can be integrated as snippets into other pages or templates.

The individual elements of the page are created with so-called widgets. Widgets are content like text blocks, images or even articles. So that you can start building the page directly, there are already a variety of predefined widgets, which you then simply drag-and-drop to place on the CMS page as you wish.

Thanks to the responsive grid system, content you create will be displayed legibly on any device. Visual CMS is compatible with APEX, our latest OXID eShop theme.

With the integrated live search, you can find CMS content you want to edit in a flash. Visual CMS saves you a lot of time and delivers convincing results.


  • included since OXID eShop 6.0 in Professional/Enterprise-Edition

  • creation of landing pages, promotion pages, description & topic pages, emails, metadata

    • static content

    • dynamic content

      • widgets

      • snippets

      • change content time-controlled

      • activate and deactivate content time-controlled

      • Twig Code

  • responsive Bootstrap 5 grid system

  • placement and display of different content on different devices

  • navigation for CMS pages (tree structure widget)

  • reduced workload due to

    • easy to learn clear interface

    • integration of store content (e.g. articles, categories, campaigns)

    • WYSIWYG editor for easy formatting of your content

      • but work in HTML source code and with CSS possible

    • drag-and-drop positioning of elements

    • facilitated search of content

    • template system to quickly build new content

    • facilitation by using widgets

      • extensible by developing own widgets