Visual CMS 4.0 is included in OXID eShop Professional Edition/Enterprise Edition 7.

System requirements

The following themes are supported for this version:

  • APEX Theme with Twig Template Engine

  • Wave Theme with Smarty Template Engine


The Wave Theme is no longer part of the OXID 7 compilation, but can be installed later. If this is used, the “Visual CMS Smarty support” module must also be installed and activated. See: Installation Visual CMS Smarty support module.

New installation

  1. Visual CMS is installed automatically in case of OXID eShop default installation.

  2. Navigate in the OXID eShop administration area to Extensions ‣ Modules.

  3. Activate the module Visual CMS

Installation Visual CMS Smarty Support Module

  1. open a shell and change to the root directory of the eShop (where the composer.json file is located).


    cd /var/www/oxideshop
  2. Execute the following command:

    composer require ddoe/visualcms-smarty-module
  3. Activate the module in the admin area under Extensions ‣ Modules.

    Alternatively, to activate the module in the main store, run the following command:

    ./vendor/bin/oe-console oe:module:activate ddoevisualcmssmarty

    To specify in which subshop the module will be activated, replace [SHOP-ID] with the number of the desired store:

    ./vendor/bin/oe-console --shop-id=[SHOP-ID] oe:module:activate ddoevisualcmssmarty


    If you installed Community Edition as root package and upgraded to Professional or Enterprise Edition, the command to OXID console is as follows: ./bin/oe-console


    Additional information about the module can also be found in the README of the module.


Updates are done automatically with every OXID eShop update via Composer.