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Public Member Functions

 render ()
 getHelpText ()

Protected Member Functions

 _getHelpPageContents ($sHelpPage, $sLang)

Protected Attributes

 $_sThisTemplate = 'help.tpl'
 $_sHelpText = null
 $_sDefaultPage = 'default'

Detailed Description

Shop help window. Arranges shop help information window, with help texts. (Help text may be changed in file (shop directory) -> help -> ). OXID eShop -> HELP.

this class is deprecated, help pages are now managed by CMS

Definition at line 11 of file help.php.

Member Function Documentation

Help._getHelpPageContents ( sHelpPage,
) [protected]

Reads and returns help file contents

string $sHelpPage help page name
string $sLang help language
string | false

Definition at line 64 of file help.php.

Help.getHelpText (  ) 

Template variable getter. Returns help text


Definition at line 90 of file help.php.

Help.render (  ) 

Loads help text, executes parent.render() and returns name of template file to render help._sThisTemplate.

Template variables: helptext

string $this->_sThisTemplate current template file name

Reimplemented from oxUBase.

Definition at line 47 of file help.php.

Member Data Documentation

Help.$_iViewIndexState = VIEW_INDEXSTATE_NOINDEXNOFOLLOW [protected]

Current view search engine indexing state: VIEW_INDEXSTATE_INDEX - index without limitations VIEW_INDEXSTATE_NOINDEXNOFOLLOW - no index / no follow VIEW_INDEXSTATE_NOINDEXFOLLOW - no index / follow

Reimplemented from oxUBase.

Definition at line 36 of file help.php.

Help.$_sDefaultPage = 'default' [protected]

Definition at line 29 of file help.php.

Help.$_sHelpText = null [protected]

Definition at line 23 of file help.php.

Help.$_sThisTemplate = 'help.tpl' [protected]

Reimplemented from oxView.

Definition at line 17 of file help.php.

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