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oxSystemEventHandler Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 setOnlineLicenseCheck (oxOnlineLicenseCheck $oOnlineLicenseCheck)
 setOnlineModuleVersionNotifier (oxOnlineModuleVersionNotifier $oOnlineModuleVersionNotifier)
 onAdminLogin ()
 onShopStart ()

Protected Member Functions

 _isSendingShopDataEnabled ()
 _sendShopInformation ()
 _getConfig ()

Private Member Functions

 _needToSendShopInformation ()
 _getNextCheckTime ()
 _getCheckTime ()
 _validateOffline ()
 _needValidateShop ()

Private Attributes

 $_oOnlineModuleVersionNotifier = null
 $_oOnlineLicenseCheck = null

Detailed Description

Contains system event handler methods

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Member Function Documentation

oxSystemEventHandler._getCheckTime (  )  [private]

Returns time (hour minutes seconds) when to perform license check. Create if does not exist.

string time formed as H:i:s

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oxSystemEventHandler._getConfig (  )  [protected]

Return oxConfig from registry.


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oxSystemEventHandler._getNextCheckTime (  )  [private]

Return time stamp when shop was checked last with white noise from config.


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oxSystemEventHandler._isSendingShopDataEnabled (  )  [protected]

Checks if sending shop data is enabled.


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oxSystemEventHandler._needToSendShopInformation (  )  [private]

Check if need to send information. We will not send information on each request due to possible performance drop.


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oxSystemEventHandler._needValidateShop (  )  [private]

Performance - run these checks only each 5 times statistically.


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oxSystemEventHandler._sendShopInformation (  )  [protected]

Sends shop information to oxid servers.

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oxSystemEventHandler._validateOffline (  )  [private]

Check if shop valid. Redirect offline if not valid.

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oxSystemEventHandler.onAdminLogin (  ) 

onAdminLogin() is called on every successful login to the backend

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oxSystemEventHandler.onShopStart (  ) 

Perform shop startup related actions, like license check.

Definition at line 129 of file oxsystemeventhandler.php.

oxSystemEventHandler.setOnlineLicenseCheck ( oxOnlineLicenseCheck oOnlineLicenseCheck  ) 

OLC dependency setter

oxOnlineLicenseCheck $oOnlineLicenseCheck

Definition at line 27 of file oxsystemeventhandler.php.

oxSystemEventHandler.setOnlineModuleVersionNotifier ( oxOnlineModuleVersionNotifier oOnlineModuleVersionNotifier  ) 

oxOnlineModuleVersionNotifier dependency setter

oxOnlineModuleVersionNotifier $oOnlineModuleVersionNotifier

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Member Data Documentation

oxSystemEventHandler.$_oOnlineLicenseCheck = null [private]


Definition at line 20 of file oxsystemeventhandler.php.

oxSystemEventHandler.$_oOnlineModuleVersionNotifier = null [private]

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