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oxCookieException Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 getString ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from oxException
 __construct ($sMessage="not set", $iCode=0)
 setLogFileName ($sFile)
 getLogFileName ()
 setMessage ($sMessage)
 setRenderer ()
 isRenderer ()
 setNotCaught ()
 isNotCaught ()
 debugOut ()
 getValues ()
 setDestination ($sDestination)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from oxException
 $_sFileName = 'EXCEPTION_LOG.txt'
 $_blRenderer = false
 $_blNotCaught = false

Detailed Description

exception class for clients without cookies support

Definition at line 6 of file oxcookieexception.php.

Member Function Documentation

oxCookieException::getString ( )

Get string dump Overrides oxException::getString()


Reimplemented from oxException.

Definition at line 15 of file oxcookieexception.php.

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