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oxException Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ($sMessage="not set", $iCode=0)
 setLogFileName ($sFile)
 getLogFileName ()
 setMessage ($sMessage)
 setRenderer ()
 isRenderer ()
 setNotCaught ()
 isNotCaught ()
 debugOut ()
 getString ()
 getValues ()
 setDestination ($sDestination)

Protected Attributes

 $_sFileName = 'EXCEPTION_LOG.txt'
 $_blRenderer = false
 $_blNotCaught = false

Detailed Description

Basic exception class

Definition at line 7 of file oxexception.php.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

oxException::__construct (   $sMessage = "not set",
  $iCode = 0 

Default constructor

string$sMessageexception message
integer$iCodeexception code

Definition at line 38 of file oxexception.php.

Member Function Documentation

oxException::debugOut ( )

Prints exception in file EXCEPTION_LOG.txt

Definition at line 112 of file oxexception.php.

oxException::getLogFileName ( )

Get log file path/name


Definition at line 58 of file oxexception.php.

oxException::getString ( )

Get complete string dump, should be overwritten by excptions extending this exceptions if they introduce new fields


Reimplemented in oxConnectionException, oxFileException, oxArticleException, oxOutOfStockException, oxSystemComponentException, oxObjectException, oxLanguageException, oxVoucherException, oxInputException, oxUserException, oxArticleInputException, oxShopException, oxCookieException, and oxNoArticleException.

Definition at line 128 of file oxexception.php.

oxException::getValues ( )

Default __toString method wraps getString(). In the shop no __toString() is used to be PHP 5.1 compatible,

string Creates an array of field name => field value of the object. To make a easy conversion of exceptions to error messages possible. Should be extended when additional fields are used!

Reimplemented in oxConnectionException, oxOutOfStockException, oxFileException, oxArticleException, oxSystemComponentException, oxLanguageException, and oxVoucherException.

Definition at line 160 of file oxexception.php.

oxException::isNotCaught ( )

Is the exception "not" caught.


Definition at line 104 of file oxexception.php.

oxException::isRenderer ( )

Is the exception caught in a renderer


Definition at line 86 of file oxexception.php.

oxException::setDestination (   $sDestination)

Defines a name of the view variable containing the messages

string$sDestinationname of the view variable

Reimplemented in oxOutOfStockException.

Definition at line 170 of file oxexception.php.

oxException::setLogFileName (   $sFile)

Set log file path/name

string$sFileFile name

Definition at line 48 of file oxexception.php.

oxException::setMessage (   $sMessage)

Sets the exception message

string$sMessageexception message

Definition at line 68 of file oxexception.php.

oxException::setNotCaught ( )

To define that the exception was not caught (only in oxexceptionhandler)

Definition at line 94 of file oxexception.php.

oxException::setRenderer ( )

To define that the exception was caught in renderer

Definition at line 76 of file oxexception.php.

Member Data Documentation

oxException::$_blNotCaught = false

Definition at line 30 of file oxexception.php.

oxException::$_blRenderer = false

Definition at line 23 of file oxexception.php.

oxException::$_sFileName = 'EXCEPTION_LOG.txt'

Definition at line 15 of file oxexception.php.

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