Known issues

  • In Twig by default all variables are escaped. Some of variables should be filtered with |raw filter to avoid this.

  • Variable scope. In Twig variables declared in templates have scopes limited by block ({% block %}, {% for %} and so on). Some variables should be declared outside these blocks if they are used outside.

  • Re-declaring blocks - it’s forbidden in Twig.

  • Access to array item $myArray.$itemIndex should be manually translated to myArray[itemIndex]

  • Problem with checking non existing (null) properties. E.g. we want to check the value of non-existing property oxarticles__oxunitname. Twig checks with isset if this property exists and it’s not, so Twig assumes that property name is function name and tries to call it.

  • Uses of regex string in templates - the tool can break or work incorrectly on so complex cases - it’s safer to manually copy&paste regular expression.

  • [{section}] - loop is array or integer - different behaviors. The tool is not able to detect variable type.