Configure password hashing

How does OXID eShop hash passwords?

By default, OXID eShop hashes passwords with the bcrypt algorithm. On a users login, OXID eShop converts all password hashes with the current algorithm and options.


The password salt is included by default in the database table oxuser in the column OXPASSWORD. It is not stored separately in the column OXPASSSALT any more.

Why should I configure password hashing?

Security is only a relative term. You should make sure, that your system is as secure as possible. For password hashing, security is dependent e.g. on the performance of your server hardware and the PHP version. See the section below for details.

How can I configure password hashing?

In this section we describe how to choose an already implemented password hashing algorithms and configure it.

Currently there are two different algorithms for hashing passwords available in the OXID eShop:

  • Bcrypt (Supported from PHP 7.0 on)

  • Argon2I (Support from PHP 7.2 on)

Choose the best hash algorithm supported by your PHP version. Brypt has the configuration option oxid_esales.authentication.service.password_hash.bcrypt.cost. The minimum cost is 4, maximum cost 31. Argon2I has the configuration options oxid_esales.authentication.service.password_hash.argon2.memory_cost, oxid_esales.authentication.service.password_hash.argon2.time_cost and oxid_esales.authentication.service.password_hash.argon2.threads.

The options are directly coupled to the options of the PHP method password_hash. See the PHP documentation for details on the options.

Configure the options to require as much computing time as possible but not so much as to annoy a user when logging in.

An example how to change the algorithm to Argon2I and configure its options:

   oxid_esales.authentication.service.password_hash.argon2.memory_cost: 1024
   oxid_esales.authentication.service.password_hash.argon2.time_cost: 2
   oxid_esales.authentication.service.password_hash.argon2.threads: 2

     class: OxidEsales\EshopCommunity\Internal\Utility\Hash\Service\Argon2IPasswordHashService
       - '@OxidEsales\EshopCommunity\Internal\Utility\Authentication\Policy\PasswordPolicyInterface'
       - '%oxid_esales.authentication.service.password_hash.argon2.memory_cost%'
       - '%oxid_esales.authentication.service.password_hash.argon2.time_cost%'
       - '%oxid_esales.authentication.service.password_hash.argon2.threads%'

After changing the configuration, you have to delete the container cache.

How can I hash passwords by my own implementation?

If you want to implement password hashing by your own, you have to implement the interfaces:

  • OxidEsales\EshopCommunity\Internal\Utility\Hash\Service\PasswordHashServiceInterface,

  • OxidEsales\EshopCommunity\Internal\Domain\Authentication\Service\PasswordVerificationServiceInterface

Then use ‘How to Replacing OXID eShop services’ guide to override the OXID eShop default services.