Interface documentation

Interfaces enable the bidirectional connection of the OXID eShop to third-party systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), PIM (Personal Information Management) or financial accounting. Different technologies are used. For example, the OXID ERP Interface can import data using files in .csv format (comma separated values) or start an export of data when calling a URL. It is also possible to use the network protocol SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) to exchange information between the shop and third-party systems.

This part of the OXID eSales documentation describes interfaces for the OXID eShop.

  • OXID ERP Interface OXID ERP Interface - English interface documentation

  • OXID GraphQL API OXID GraphQL API - English interface documentation


The interface documentation of OXID ERP Interface is password-protected. Customers and other interested parties can receive the login data by sending a request to Technical Support.