Module documentation

Extend the functionality of your OXID eShop with modules.

Use modules to

  • map the business model of a store operator

  • influence the most diverse areas of the online store
    For example:

    • the display of articles and categories

    • the ordering process

    • the payment

    • the shipping

    • offers and bonuses

  • connect merchandise management systems or content management systems with the OXID eShop

  • exchange information with systems for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Product Information Management (PIM)

You install the modules for OXID eShop 6 and higher with Composer, just like the store itself. So, the installation goes like the initial installation of your eShop and is thus done quickly.

Adyen Payment for OXID

Adyen Payment for OXID - English module documentation

Adyen Payment für OXID - Deutsche Moduldokumentation

Amazon Pay for OXID

Amazon Pay for OXID - English module documentation

Amazon Pay für OXID - Deutsche Moduldokumentation

PayPal Checkout

PayPal Checkout - English module documentation

PayPal Checkout - German module documentation

Stripe Payment for OXID

Stripe Payment for OXID - English module documentation

Stripe Payment für OXID - Deutsche Moduldokumentation

Unzer Payment for OXID

Unzer Payment for OXID - English module documentation

Unzer Payment für OXID- Deutsche Moduldokumentation


PayPal - English module documentation

PayPal - German module documentation

GDPR Opt-in

GDPR Opt-in - German module documentation


Geo-blocking - English module documentation

Geo-blocking - German module documentation

OXID Cookie Management

OXID Cookie Management - German module documentation

Visual CMS

Visual CMS - English module documentation

Visual CMS - German module documentation


OXID eShop eVAT - Englische Moduldokumentation

OXID eShop eVAT - Deutsche Moduldokumentation

You can find a variety of third-party modules for OXID eShop in the OXID Solution Hub.