Module documentation

Modules can extend or change the functionality of OXID eShop. They allow the business model of a shop owner to be mapped and the most diverse areas of the online shop, such as the display of products and categories, the ordering process, payment, shipping or offers and bonuses to be influenced. Modules can be used to link merchandise management systems or content management systems with the OXID eShop or to exchange information with customer relationship management (CRM) and product information management (PIM) systems. The possibilities are nearly endless.

The eXchange platform offers a variety of modules for OXID eShop. The modules for OXID eShop 4 & 5 are directly available for download. The modules for OXID eShop 6 can be dragged from the respective repository on GitHub and installed in the shop. Brief instructions in .pdf format can be found on eXchange.

This section of the OXID eSales documentation describes the modules for OXID eShop. In the future, module creators should be given the opportunity to publish their module documentation on this documentation platform. Detailed information about it will be published here soon.

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