Setup via command line

OXID eShop can be installed and configured with a web-based setup or via command line. This document describes the setup via command line.

Certain values are written into .htaccess and during installation. Both files are located in the main shop directory and shouldn’t be read-only for the duration of the setup.

schritt Creating and configuring the shop

OXID eShop is created with the command oe:setup:shop for OXID eShop console. The following parameters are passed:

  • --db-host= - Host name or IP address of the database server. Default: localhost (database and web server on the same server)

  • --db-port= - Port of the database server. Default: 3306

  • --db-name= - Database name

  • --db-user= - Database user

  • --db-password= - Password for the database user

  • --shop-url - URL through which the store will be accessible

  • --shop-directory - Internal path to the shop on the server

  • --compile-directory - Directory for the temporary files of the shop

  • --language - Language for the shop, language abbreviation according to ISO 639-1

Example: Creating and configuring the shop

./vendor/bin/oe-console oe:setup:shop --db-host=localhost --db-port=3306 --db-name=CE700 --db-user=root --db-password=oxid --shop-url=http://ce700.local --shop-directory=/var/www/oxideshop/source --compile-directory=/var/www/oxideshop/source/tmp --language=de

schritt Installing demo data

To add demo data to the store, it must first be obtained via Composer from the GitHub repository corresponding to the shop edition. Then the demo data is installed using the command oe:setup:demodata for OXID eShop console.


./vendor/bin/oe-console oe:setup:demodata

schritt Creating a shop administrator

The command oe:admin:create-user creates the shop administrator and uses the following parameters:

  • --admin-email= - E-mail of the shop administrator, access data for the administration panel

  • --admin-password= - Password of the shop administrator, access data for the administration panel

Example: Creating a shop administrator

./vendor/bin/oe-console oe:admin:create-user --admin-email=[email protected] --admin-password=******

schritt Deposit license for PE/EE

OXID eShop Professional and Enterprise Edition require a valid license key for productive operation. This can be added with the oe:license:add command for OXID eShop console. The license key is passed as a parameter.

./vendor/bin/oe-console oe:license:add <license-key>

With the command oe:license:clear all license keys of a shop can be deleted.

schritt Activating a theme

Make sure that a Twig-compatible theme is activated.

If you don’t use the default APEX theme, make sure that your custom theme is compatible with the Twig engine.

To activate the Apex theme installed by default, for example, execute the following command:

./vendor/bin/oe-console oe:theme:activate apex

schritt Installing modules

Modules can be installed using the oe:module:install command of the OXID eShop console. The oe:module:uninstall command removes a specified module from the shop. All information about this can be found in the developer documentation: and