Partially Successful

GraphQL allows for the response to have a data and errors key. If you have a situation where you can recover from an error during GraphQL execution, you may catch the Exception instead of letting it bubble all the way up and pass it to the \OxidEsales\GraphQL\Base\Framework\GraphQLQueryHandler::addError() static method.


Keep in mind, that the response in the data key still has to be valid against your schema.

All exceptions given to the addError() static method will be delivered to the consumer of the API in the errors key.

Use case

Imaging you query a list of products with the following query, the ean field is defined as String! but the ean field resolver returns null. This will throw an Exception that you may catch in the products resolver, replace the product in this case with null in the list and add an error response by forwarding the Exception to the \OxidEsales\GraphQL\Base\Framework\GraphQLQueryHandler::addError() method.

If you do not catch this Exception in the products resolver, the consumer of your API will only get an error response without any data.


query {
    products (


    "errors": [
            "message": "EAN for product 1234 could not be fetched",
    "data": {
        "products": [
                "title": "Article 1",
                "ean": "some-ean"