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Enable a familiar, fast checkout experience for hundreds of millions of Amazon customers worldwide with Amazon Pay.

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What is Amazon Pay?

Amazon Pay is an end-to-end payment solution that provides hundreds of millions of active Amazon customers with a familiar, fast, and secure way to complete a purchase from your online store.

Amazon Pay makes shopping easy and convenient: to complete the purchase on your website, your customers use the information already stored in their existing Amazon account.

What are your benefits?

  • Increase the conversion rate with a payment process customers trust and can complete in just a few clicks.

  • Feel secure with Amazon’s fraud protection technology.

What are the features of Amazon Pay?

  • PSD2 compliance: leverage the strong customer authentication required under the Payment Service Providers Directive (PSD2).

  • Automatic processing of rejected payments: Ensure you miss fewer purchases by offering customers a straightforward resolution when a payment is declined.

  • Payment protection policy: protect yourself from fraudulent chargebacks.
    This applies to eligible transactions listed in the Amazon Pay customer agreement.

  • Amazon Pay A-to-Z Guarantee: Increase your customers’ confidence in your online store with additional safeguards regarding on-time delivery and order quality.

For more information about Amazon Pay for OXID, see

When can you not offer Amazon Pay?

If you want to offer Amazon Pay, consider the following restrictions.

Prohibited content

You cannot offer Amazon Pay to your customers if you sell products that are subject to certain legal restrictions.

To check whether such restrictions may apply to you, see Amazon’s Acceptable Use Policy.

If only some of your products are subject to such restrictions, you can offer Amazon Pay: In this case, you specifically exclude those products from paying with Amazon Pay and offer Amazon Pay for all other products that are not subject to restrictions.

We describe how to do this in the configuration section under Performance: Ensuring compliance.

Supported currencies

If you offer currencies in your OXID eShop not supported by Amazon Pay, the Amazon Pay button will not be displayed.

Therefore, when configuring, make sure that your OXID eShop offers only those currencies that are supported by Amazon Pay.

Amazon Pay supports the following currencies:

  • AUD

  • GBP

  • DKK

  • EUR

  • HKD

  • JPY

  • NZD

  • NOK

  • ZAR

  • SEK

  • CHF

  • USD

For more information about configuring the currencies of your OXID eShop, see Optional: Ensuring correct currency settings.

Supported languages

If you use languages in your OXID eShop that are not supported by Amazon Pay, German is the default language for your customer’s communication with Amazon (for example, the login dialog).

Amazon Pay supports the following languages:

  • German

  • English

  • French

  • Italian

  • Spanish

If the language of your OXID eShop is Dutch or Polish, for example, then German is the language of the Amazon Pay login dialog.

Supported countries

Amazon customers can have multiple shipping addresses in different countries.

Theoretically, however, your OXID eShop may only ship to countries that are not covered by Amazon.

In this case, the Amazon customer will not be able to specify a shipping address for the order.

To make it worthwhile for you to offer Amazon Pay, you must ship to at least one of the following countries:

  • BE

  • BG

  • DK

  • DE

  • EE

  • FI

  • FR

  • GR

  • IE

  • IT

  • HR

  • LV

  • LT

  • LU

  • MT

  • NL

  • AT

  • PL

  • PT

  • RO

  • SM

  • SE

  • SK

  • SI

  • ES

  • CZ

  • HU

  • GB

  • VA

  • FO

  • CY

  • AL

  • AD

  • BA

  • LI

  • MC

  • IS

  • YU

  • MK

  • MD

  • NO

  • CH

  • UA

  • BY

  • RU

  • TR

  • RS